Tablet repair Lodz

Tablet repair Lodz

The Laptop Clinic carries out a post-warranty service for tablets of all brands:

Apple (iPad), Asus, Dell, Huawei, Lenovo, Sony, Samsung and many more…

We provide post-warranty repairs of all tablets. Immediately after accepting the equipment, we make a thorough expertise that allows you to diagnose the type of defect. Before starting the repair, we contact you for information on the cost of the repair and the date of the order. We approach each client individually, we always try to advise and find the best solution.

    Tablet repairs performed at

  • - screen glass (touchscreen) replacement
  • - nreplacing the LCD screen
  • - power socket repair
  • - microphone repair
  • - speaker repair
  • - sim slot repair
  • - memory card slot repair
  • - housing replacement
  • - software update
  • - copy of data
  • - firmware upload