computer repair łódź

computer repair łódź

The Laptop Clinic carries out post-warranty service of computers of all manufacturers:

If the computer does not turn on or makes a strange noise, there may be a power problem or a malfunction in the motherboard

Possible malfunctions:

- damaged power supply

- short circuit on the motherboard

- damaged processor

- corrupted memories

- damaged graphics card

- damaged USB ports

- damaged BIOS

We have a dedicated system for repairing systems on motherboards, which allows you to eliminate even the most complex damages. The repairs carried out are similar to the technological processes of electronic components. Thanks to solutions using modern technologies, repair costs are significantly lower compared to the cost of replacing the motherboard.

    Computer repairs performed at

  • - motherboard repair
  • - computer maintenance and cleaning
  • - replacement of thermally conductive pastes
  • - processor replacement
  • - graphics card replacement
  • - replacement of the hard disk
  • - SSD replacement
  • - network card repair
  • - system installation
  • - USB socket repair
  • - parts replacement
  • - BIOS programming
  • - speed up the computer
  • - switch repair